Installing WhatsApp on your PC using the BlueStacks emulator

Fixing common problems with WhatsApp on your PC

On this page I will try to address some of the common problems that people seem to be having with the Whatsapp for PC installation process.

The internet doesn’t work in BlueStacks, how come?
Make sure BlueStacks isn’t being blocked by a firewall.

BlueStacks is stuck on “Initializing”
This is a pretty common bug in the BlueStacks software. Its best to wait a few more minutes to see if it loads anyway. But sometimes it just never loads. This could be because your BlueStacks installation is corrupted by a sudden reboot, or crash of the program. Unfortunately, there is no clear solution for this problem at this time. You can try reinstalling the whole program, but in my experience, this doesn’t fix it. You can try other Android emulators to see if that works.

When I try to download WhatsApp, I get the error “No App Found – Check network connectivity”
Go to the official WhatsApp website and directly download their .APK package. Open it, and it will directly be installed in BlueStacks.

Can I install WhatsApp on my Mac?
Yes! There is a special version of BlueStacks for Mac users. We have written a specific tutorial for installing it on your Mac computer.

My keyboard is not showing the right characters when I’m typing in BlueStacks
This is because BlueStacks sometimes incorrectly identifies country-specific keyboards. This causes the wrong characters to appear when you are typing. We have written a solution to this problem.

I’m getting a graphics card not supported/drivers outdated error
For BlueStacks to run correctly, you will need to have the latest graphics drivers installed on your computer. We have written a guide on installing the latest drivers on your computer.


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