How to disable blue check marks

How to disable blue check marks in WhatsAppAlthough it turns out that most of the WhatsApp users actually like the new blue check marks (read receipt) function in WhatsApp, there is still a scream for the function to be disabled. Some people just don’t want to let others know they have read their messages.

Luckily, this new function will be made optional in the new version of WhatsApp, at the cost of also not being able to see if someone read YOUR messages.

While we are waiting for the new function, there are some ways to bypass the blue check marks.


What do the check marks in WhatsApp mean?

Let’s first get a clear definition of what each of the different check marks in WhatsApp mean.

  1. The clock icon: Okay, this doesn’t count as a check mark, but it is the first thing you see when sending a message. It means your message has not yet been send, and is still only visible on your own phone.
  2. Single grey/white check mark: Your message was received on the WhatsApp server, but not yet by your recipient. Your recipient may have his phone turned off, or have no reception.
  3. Double grey/white check mark: Your recipient has received your message, but not necessarily read it.
  4. Double blue check marks: Your recipient has opened the chat window with you, and read your message.

How to bypass the blue check marks

There are a few ways the blue check marks can be bypassed, and if you have Android, you can download the latest beta version where this functionality is already optional. In other words, this will also work on WhatsApp for PC!


Disabling the blue check marks on Android

To disable the blue check marks on Android, all you have to do is download the latest beta-version of WhatsApp from the Whatsapp website (version 2.11.444 and up).

To disable the check marks, go to the settings in WhatsApp and disable Read receipts under Account > Privacy.

This will also work on WhatsApp for PC, because it also uses the Android version of WhatsApp.


Disabling the blue check marks on Windows Phone

The blue checks can’t yet be disabled in an official manner on Windows Phone, but it will be possible in the next version. In the meantime, here are some things to still get around them.

– You can read a part of the message in your notification center, or when you receive the message. This might be just enough to know what the message is about, without sending a read receipt.

But if you want to read the whole message, here’s a way.

  1. Unlock your phone, and hold the Back button. This will show all the active apps on your phone.
  2. Close all windows related to WhatsApp, so you don’t accidentally open it when unlocking your phone.
  3. Unlock your phone when you receive a message. Drag down the notification center from the top of the screen.
  4. Enable flight mode and wait for a few seconds (so all connections are surely disabled). Make sure WiFi is also disabled.
  5. Open WhatsApp, and read the message(s) you have just received! Because there is no internet connection, there is no way WhatsApp can send the read receipt.

Disabling the check marks on iOS

Disabling the check marks in an official manner on iOS is also not yet possible in the current version. It is still possible though to see your message in flight modus, just like with Windows Phone.

  1. Press the home button twice to show all open apps, and close all windows related to WhatsApp. This will prevent the read receipts from accidentally sending when you unlock your phone.
  2. When you receive a new chat message, open Whatsapp, but don’t yet open a chat window.
  3. Open the notification center by dragging from the bottom of the screen to the top. Enable flight mode.
  4. Close the notification center and open the chat window you wish to read.
  5. Done reading? Close the chat window and go back to the chat overview. Turn flight modus of again. Your recipient won’t see the blue check marks.

It is also possible to partially read the message in your push-messages, without sending a read receipt.


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