[FIX] Nvidia ShadowPlay not recording (red line)

Nvidia Shadowplay red line

Nvidia Shadowplay is great software for making recordings in game -if it works, that is-. I was a happy Shadowplay user until it stopped saving my recordings. There was a red line through the “recording” icon in the bottom right of the screen, probably indicating -something- was wrong.

I came across a lot of other “solutions” on the internet, none of which worked. While the solution, in my case, was a very simple one.

My solution:

Earlier on, I had changed the folder where Shadowplay stores its recordings to a folder on another hard drive, because I didn’t want to fill up my SSD with large video files. At the time I didn’t think changing the recording directory would have any negative effects, but apparently it did. Changing it back to my C:/ drive fixed it. Maybe it can only record to the Windows installation partition? Or the partition where the Nvidia driver is installed?

Anyway, if you have changed the folder for recordings, that might be your problem.

Step by step

  1. Open a game
  2. Press Alt-Z, or any other key combination that you have set to open ShadowPlay
  3. Press the icon of the gears, towards the right
  4. Go to Recordings
  5. Change the folders to some easy-to-reach folders on the C: drive, like C:/sptemp and C:/sprecordings

A note about other game recording software

Back in the day capturing a video of your games was as easy as installing Fraps, and pressing the Record key. You’d think things would’ve only gotten better since then. Because at first I couldn’t find a quick solution to my ShadowPlay problem, I started looking for other (free) game capturing software. None of which actually did what you’d expect them to do. Stay tuned for my review/rant!


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