Official WhatsApp for PC app

After the release of WhatsApp Web, which was already a great step towards being able to properly use WhatsApp on your PC, WhatsApp has now finally released an official app for PC and Mac.

You will need a smartphone with WhatsApp support to be able to use it. If you dont have one, or your phone is broken, you can still use our guides to install WhatsApp on your PC or Mac.

Real WhatsApp for PC app

The new app can be downloaded from the WhatsApp website for both Windows and OSX.

At first sight, it just seems to be a canvas around the web version of WhatsApp, but looks can deceive, and it actually has some pretty nifty features. For example, it shows the amount of new messages in the taskbar:

WhatsApp for PC

It doesn’t seem to actually run a browser in the background, the app seems to be completely standalone, and doesn’t use a lot of resources. The way the app works however, still indicates that there is some kind of browser component built into the app.

It’s a bit basic

The app is still a bit basic. It doesn’t have a lot of extra functionality over WhatsApp Web. But because the app is ran outside of your browser, you dont have to worry about losing the tab, or losing anything when your browser crashes. Seeing how many new messages you have in the taskbar is a nice touch.

For future versions however, we would like to see functions like being able to start the app when Windows starts. Also, being able to run the app on multiple computers at once would be a nice addition.

Should you download it?

While the app still has some shortcomings as listed above, we still recommend you give the app a try. We’re confident WhatsApp for PC will get even better in the future, and it is a big step further in comfortably being able to use WhatsApp on your PC or Mac.