BIEM! Custom car explosion sound in MTA

Some guy on a local Dutch news station imitating the sound of an explosion -which had happened that night- inspired a lot of funny remix videos. It inspired me to create a MTA resource to replace the sound of a car explosion with that BIEM sound, much to the hilarity/annoyance of other players in the server.

Simply create a clientside script, cancel the default explosion event, and create a new explosion with makesound set to false. Then let it play your custom sound.

addEventHandler("onClientExplosion", root, function()
	local pX, pY, pZ = getElementPosition ( source )
	sound = playSound3D("biem.mp3", pX, pY, pZ, false)
	setSoundMaxDistance ( sound, 150 )	
	createExplosion(pX, pY, pZ, 4, false, -1.0, true)




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