Install WhatsApp on Mac OS X

Install WhatsApp on your iMac or MacBook with Mac OS X

If you have a computer or notebook running Mac OS X, then we need a special version of our emulation program specifically made for Mac OS X. I have managed to get WhatsApp working on a Mac, but my experience with Mac OS X is fairly limited. If you have any additions or corrections for this manual, feel free to leave a comment.

System requirements

The program for installing WhatsApp on your Mac doesn’t need a lot of system resources. If you have a fairly recent (2009ish) Mac, then it should work.

How does this all work?

We are going to install a program on your Mac that will make WhatsApp think it is being installed on a regular phone. This is called an Emulator.

We are going to use an Android emulator (I hear you think, but no, there is no way to do it in an iPhone emulator).

Android is a phone operating system made by Google. About 70% of the smartphones and tablets in the world run it.

Downloading the emulator software

The software we are going to use is the BlueStacks emulator. Unfortunately, BlueStacks stopped supporting the version of the program for Mac OS X, so we have to get it in another way. So if you have any problems with it, you’re in the dark. There might be alternative emulators for Mac though (comment below?).

Anyway! Let’s download BlueStacks. It isn’t available from their official site anymore, but we can still get it from alternative sites such as TechSpot or SoftTonic. Save the file to your computer. The sources I have mentioned here are 100% safe, and downloading BlueStacks is legal and free.

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