Importing contacts in BlueStacks

Exporting your contacts on Windows Phone

We need a bit of a workaround to export Windows Phone contacts to the vCard format. For the following tutorial you will need to have your contacts synchronized with your Windows Live account.

1. Log in to Windows Live People
2. Click Manage in the top left corner, and select Export for Outlook.com and other services. Save the file to your computer on a location where you can find it again later.

Export contacts from Windows Live People

Click Manage and select “Export for Outlook.com and other services”.

3. Go to Google Contacts and log in with your Google Account, if you haven’t already.
4. Click More under the search box and select Import…

Import the CSV file in Google Contact

Import the CSV file in Google Contacts

5. Import the CSV file that we created in step 2.

Google Contacts file importer

Import the CSV file that we created in step 2

6. Your imported contacts will now appear under My Contacts in a folder named Imported <todays date>. Open it, and click More > Export

Overview of newly imported contacts in Google Contacts

Click More, and then click Export

7. Select the group with the imported contacts, if it isnt already. Select vCard format as the export format.

Create vcard export file in Google contacts

Select the correct group and export format

8. Save the file to your computer and import it in BlueStacks



  1. but no contact show in whats app i will take every step. but there is a prblem so help me to iimport the contacts

  2. And how to import the chat backup from my mobile to bluestack

  3. Thank you guys so much. I am so grateful for the help

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