Updating graphics card drivers

The program that we use to install WhatsApp on our computer, needs to have the latest graphics card drivers installed to run correctly. Besides making our program work, it also sometimes increases the graphics performance and stability of your PC, so it’s a win-win!


Finding out what kind of graphics card you have

There are basically 3 major manufacturers of graphics cards. Nvidia, Intel and ATI (AMD). Your graphics card is most likely made by any of these 3 manufacturers, so we’ve got that narrowed down!

Looking up the brand in the display settings

Now the question is, which of these 3 brands is in your computer? The easiest way to find out is to go back to your desktop and right click. Click Screen Resolution and in the window that appears, click Advanced settings. The screen that now appears will most likely tell you what brand you have. Take note of the brand and the model number, if there is one shown.

If it doesn’t (it says something like generic display driver), then you don’t have any proper drivers installed for your graphics card. If this is the case, then your screen is most likely not running on the correct resolution and you are probably seeing slowdowns when browsing etc.

Looking up the brand by searching for your computer model

If you didn’t find out your graphics driver brand in the previous step, then you can look up your notebook or computer brand on the internet and see if there is any mention of what brand of graphics card is installed.


Installing drivers for Nvidia graphics cards.

Nvidia Logo

Go to the Nvidia driver page and download the Geforce Experience automatic driver updater. This will download the latest drivers for the graphics card installed in your pc and keep it updated. You can also manually download your graphics drivers if you like, but you will have to keep them manually updated. The Geforce Experience download is the easiest and safest option. After installing this and running it, try installing/running the BlueStacks installer and see if your problem is fixed.


Installing drivers for AMD (ATI) graphics cards

AMD logoJust like Nvidia, AMD has an automatic tool to recognize your AMD graphics card and install the correct drivers. This is the easiest way to find the correct drivers for your graphics card and keep them updated.


Installing drivers for Intel graphics cards

Intel logoIntel drivers can be updated through the Intel Driver Update Utility. It checks which updates are relevant to your system and updates them accordingly.