Install WhatsApp on Mac OS X

Installing BlueStacks on Mac OS X

In the previous steps we have obtained the DMG file for BlueStacks. We are now going to install it! Open the DMG file ( BlueStacks_AppPlayer-Beta.dmg, or similar). A window will pop up with the BlueStacks icon and the Applications folder. Install BlueStacks by dragging the icon to the Applications folder.

BlueStacks install screen on Mac OS X

BlueStacks install screen on Mac OS X


Now click the Applications folder and open BlueStacks. Confirm any warnings that may pop up. BlueStacks will now start loading. Wait until the main screen appears.

BlueStacks warning window

Confirm any warnings that BlueStacks may give you

Installing WhatsApp in BlueStacks

Now that we have landed on the main screen of BlueStacks, we are ready to install WhatsApp. Fun fact: the BlueStacks main screen is actually a virtual Android phone!

Click the search button to start searching for WhatsApp.

Click the search button

Click the search button

I personally had problems with the Bluestacks main screen freezing, and giving an error everytime I clicked something. This was fixed by restarting BlueStacks.

You might be required to set up sync with your Google Account. If you already have a Google account, select existing. If not, create a new one.If a windows pops up asking you to Select your mobile devices, click Done.

On the mobile devices window, select Done

Click done

After authenticating with Google, use the search button to search for WhatsApp again. You will now be able install it by clicking the Install button next to WhatsApp Messenger. BlueStacks will now download the installation file and install it for you.

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